The purpose of the project - creation of a model site with various habitats for typical and rare species of birds of the region, and also increase of awareness of local schoolboys and inhabitants in questions of ecology and conservation of the environment.

On the place of the quarry is offered to create several types of habitats: 1). marsh territories which will attracte water birds; 2). woodland which will prevent erosive processes and will attract bush- and forest birds; 3). clay precipice (a former pit edge) as the place of nesting for a complex of species - Lesser Kestrel, Roller, Hoopoe, Indian Sparrow, Red-rumped Swallow, Sand Martin etc. The studying of base line of state of biodiversity on adjacent areas and in the career, and in the further - monitoring of a biodiversity during biocoenosis succession will be accomplished. Creation of a plot for carrying out of field lessons in biology, ecologies and to natural study for children of neighboring schools will allow to raise a level of knowledge of schoolboys, will show necessity and existing opportunities on restoration and rehabilitations of the disturbed territories, the attention to questions of the careful attitude to the nature will be drawn . The quarry is situated near the traditional routes of local tourists and European birdwatchers; it will become a new stopover point for them.