Given the ecological (scarcity of calcareous soils in Belgium) and social potential (Beez is located near Namur, with all level schools), our project aims to combine the restoration of high-ecological-potential biotopes with an education-to-Nature development.

Our goal is :

- Restoring a calcareous fallow land in the West of the study area (~1 ha). This area will host a site-specific flora and fauna. This is a rare vegetation in our region because these species have southern requirements. These have virtually disappeared in Belgium. The permeability of the limestone gives to these trays a warm microclimate quite exceptional for our latitudes. It could also provide a starting point for the natural process of reconstitution of the climax forest ;

- the creation of three artificial floating islands on the settling pond. These islands will provide an original valuation of the pond that will easily be colonized by wildlife;

- the installation of a viewpoint providing views towards the artificial islands, the limestone cliff on which several species of raptors - as the Peregrine Falcon - nest, as well as calcareous grassland restored ;